Let Your IT Team Help Carry the Workload

February 21, 2024

Sometimes it takes wearing multiple hats around the office to help get things done. With deadlines to meet, shifting priorities and limited resources, getting things done can be a challenge. And sometimes, additional work can pull people away from focusing on more important projects. There’s no need to get overwhelmed when you can let your IT Team help carry the workload.


By entrusting your IT needs to experts, the strain on employees can be reduced, enabling them to grow in their core competencies and drive greater value. This in turn, can boost job satisfaction, morale and overall productivity. When it comes to IT and technology, there are always several tasks businesses are doing themselves that they could and should handoff.

Tasks You Can Handoff to Your IT Team

When you think about IT Services, networking, Tasks-You-Can-Handoff-to-Your-IT-Teamcloud services, and cybersecurity may come to mind, and you would be right. However, there are many other tasks that you might not realize you can handoff to an IT Team. Here is an overview of some lesser-known services that are pretty cool:

Configure Office Equipment – Don’t let the frustration of malfunctioning printers and copiers disrupt your workflow. The Tech Team can take care of configuring office equipment, ensuring that your devices are seamlessly integrated and ready for action.

Fix or Optimize WiFi – You don’t have to crawl around unplugging and plugging your router. The Tech Team can establish a stable, secure connection and boost/extend your WiFi signal.

Install and Set Up Microsoft Teams – If you’re using tools like Zoom, Slack and project management software, moving to Microsoft Teams can enhance productivity. The Tech Team can help streamline the installation and setup process, and train your team how to use it properly.

Install E-mail/Spam Protection – No more filtering out dangerous or annoying spam e-mails; the Tech Team can safeguard your inbox and sensitive information from malicious intent.

Manage User Access Permissions and Credentials – The Tech Team can ensure that the right individuals or systems have appropriate access to an organization’s resources while preventing unauthorized access.

Procuring and Provisioning Devices – If you need laptops, desktops, tablets, mobile devices, etc., sourced for the best price and configured for use, that’s a Tech Team task. Say goodbye to the hassle of navigating through the endless options. Let the experts handle it for you.

Set Up Dual Monitors – Troubleshooting display issues can be frustrating. The Tech Team can provide advice and support on hardware configuration for the best user experience.

Speed Up Computers to Run Efficiently – The Tech Team can provide assistance with performance adjustments to help get your computer running faster and keep it operating effectively for as long as possible.

Take Advantage of Available Services

In addition to the gems mentioned above, IT Service Providers can also aid with HIPAA, CMMC Take-Advantage-of-Available-Servicesand PCI compliance, file sharing for external/remote access users, data loss recovery plans, office relocation, cabling, and much more. Remember that there’s more to explore beyond the obvious so take full advantage of their services and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

The decision to leverage the expertise of an outside IT Firm is becoming increasingly popular, as businesses recognize the fundamental value of high-functioning IT systems. If you’re interested in exploring the possibilities for the future of your business, contact PointSolve today and schedule a free consultation.