Referral Program

Referral Program Terms:

Listen, we know times are tough, we know the summer is nearly here. Ladies, we know you absolutely NEED that new bathing suit before heading to the Shore next month. And guys, we know you want to start saving for that new XBOX 1 or PS4. You can’t just stop paying your water bill so you can game this Fall or look like a Kardashian on the boardwalk…. How can you get everything you need on a budget that barely pays the bills as is….? YOU need to participate in the PointSolve Referral Program

Its as simple as 1,2,3

1. Send us the information requested in the fields to the left through this web page or feel free to email that information to

2. I bring you a shiny new VISA gift card with $25 for each referral that completes a phone or in person appointment with a member of our sales staff.

3. Spend frivolously on things that make you happy!

WAIT, and there is more! If any of the set appointments sign a Common Focus Contract (see common focus tab above) with us within the first 6 months of the initial appointment, I will bring you an additional $100 VISA Gift Card, yes you read that correctly…. One Hundred American Dollars

Please note, as of right now, the boss is not capping anyone on this program, so rack your brain for us, there is no limit to how much money we will pay you. Get the referrals in now before he changes his mind.

Thanks again for considering our new program, I hope to see you soon with a stack of $25 gift cards with your name on them!