"I am continually impressed that a small company can deliver such BIG service. Our computers are our eyes, ears and the life blood of our commitment to quality service for our own customers. Bill, Dan, Brandon, Evelyn and the other professionals at PointSolve have always responded quickly to emergencies and quickly restored our connection to the Internet or solved hardware problems so that we are up and running in a relatively short period of time. The advice they have given us has saved us thousands of dollars by helping us avoid useless or expensive technologies that would add little value to our mission. The advice is free, but it is much appreciated and invaluable!"

Tim McShane

Exclusive Agent
Allstate Insurance Company

"Pointsolve has been able to help us with all of our IT needs for several years. From major hardware upgrades to simple questions, they have always been very responsive and helpful to understand what we want to accomplish."

Kelly Davis